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Dr Sree Kumar Kunnumpurath

Consultant in Pain Medicine

Professional Profile

Dr Kumar is a specialist in Pain Medicine, with a special interest in interventional-multimodal chronic pain management. He is a Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of The Royal College of Anaesthetists, London. In addition, he is Member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

After acquiring the primary medical qualification, he completed master’s degree in Anaesthesiology. He got his full registration with the General Medical Council in 2003. He underwent further specialist training in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine at Glasgow and St Georges School of Anaesthesia, London. During this time he received Fellowships from the Royal College of Anaesthetists, London and the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland.He also had training in in advanced spinal interventions techniques from ISIS, USA. In addition, He has extensive experience in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia by working in the UK and abroad.

works as a Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust. Prior to he was a Consultant in Pain Management at Royal Free Hospital, London.


B.Sc, MBBS, MD, FRCA, FFPMRCA, FCARCSI, PG Cert. in Aesthetic Medicine (Queen Mary University of London)

Pain Clinics:

Dr Kumar conducts Pain at Croydon Day Hospital, Shirley Oaks Hospital, Ashtead Hospital, Ashtead and North Downs Hospital, Caterham.  

Subspecialty Interest:

Dr Kumar has a special interest in of nerve injury related pain, sciatica, back pain, complex regional pain syndromes and persistent post-surgical pain  

Academic Activities and Publications:

Dr Kumar is well known in the field of academic publications. He is the section editor for "Essentials of Pain Management". In addition, various book chapters and review articles related to chronic pain. He research projects and scientific exhibitions.


  • Genetic markers in painful diabetic neuropathy: randomised study, Journal, 2013.

  • Genetic markers in painful diabetic neuropathy: involving DNA sequencing of AKR1B1 gene, completed in 2011, abstract published, 2012.

  • 5% Lidocaine patch for treatment of Neuropathic pain. Outcome, adverse events and patient satisfaction - observational study-2007

  • Designed the circuit, assembled and clinically tested an advanced nerve stimulator cum nerve locator. This device had all the available modes of nerve stimulation including PTC and DBS.

  • Dissertation submitted to The Mangalore University, India on “Attenuation of haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation: a comparison between doses of buprenorphine and lignocaine”.


  • D Philpott, S Kunnumpurath, W Hossien. Management of Arnold-Chiari type 1 malformation in an obese obstetric patient. @ AAGBI Anaesthesia Cases 2014/0011. Available from URL:

  • Availability and Utilization of Opioids for Pain Management: Global Issues. D Manjiani, D Babypaul, Skunnumpurath et al. Ochner Journal, 2013

  • N Vadivelu, A Reddy, S Kunnumpurath et al. Changes present in the Genetic level in painful diabetic neuropathy. Pain Medicine, 2012; 13(2), 343.

  • M Tavakolizade, S Said, S Kunnumpurath. Pregabalin: effective in controlling autonomic instability? European Journal of Pain Supplements, 2011; 5/1(176-177), 1754-3207.

  • Spinal Cord Stimulation: Principles of Past, Present and Future Practice - A Review. Dr S Kunnumpurath, Dr R Srinivasagopalan, Dr N Vadivelu, Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing, 2009. 23: 333-39.

  • Cervical Spine Pain Interventional Procedures, Standards and Adverse Incidents. J Kurian, S Kunnumpurath, D Phukan, G Kumar, Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine., 2008; 33(5), e217.

  • Intralipid and Local Anaesthetic Toxicity: Audit of Knowledge, Education and Follow-up. Sreekumar Kunnumpurath, Anna Riccoboni, Ganesh Kumar, Frederic Sage, 2008; 109 A559.

  • Compliance with Preoperative Echocardiography Testing Guidelines. Michael Czernicki, Jones Kurian, Peter Bajorek, Ganesh Kumar, Sreekumar Kunnumpurath, Anesthesiology2008; 109 A883.

  • 5%Lidocaine treatment of Neuropathic pain. , adverse events and patient satisfaction. J. Kurian, G Kumar, S. Kunnumpurath, M. Cernicki and S. Ali. European Journal of Anaesthesia 2008; Vol25, Sup 44.   

Scientific and Educational Exhibits

  • “Neuron”: The Combined NMBA Monitor Cum Nerve Locator For Developing Countries Using Locally Available Technology; Scientific and Educational Exhibit, ASA annual meeting, Orlando, USA- October 2008.

  • Chapters, Substance Abuse; Inpatient and Outpatient Management for Every Clinician, Springer 2014

  • Chapter, Intensive Care in Palliative Care: Essentials of Palliative Care. Springer, 2013.

  • Chapter, Interventional Radiology in Palliative Care: Essentials of Palliative Care. Springer, 2013

  • Chapter 10, Neuraxial Blockade-Epidural Anaesthesia: Practical Regional Anesthesia. Springer, 2012

  • Case scenarios: Essentials in Pain Management. Springer, 2011


  •  Section editor, Clinical Scenarios in Pain Management. Springer, 2011.

  • Co-ordinator, MCQ section: Essentials in Pain Management. Springer,2011 ·

Press Reports

  • “Neuron” a low-cost Answer to High-Tech Dilemma, Anesthesiology News 2008, volume 34:12.

  • “SCS Potentially Helpful for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome", Anesthesiology News 2009, volume 35:12

Professional Fellowships and Affiliations

Fellow, Faculty of Pain Medicine, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Fellow, Royal College of Anaesthetists

Fellow, College of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland

Fellow, International Spine Interventions Society

Member, British Medical Acupuncture Society

Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine

Member, Association of Anaesthetists of Great Briton and Ireland

Member, British Medical Association

Member, Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association

Member, British Pain Society